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creating & connecting is my motivating force

As a descendant from a long line of farmers from Italy, I have an innate connection to the land, a love of food and especially sharing a meal with others over good conversation. I find inspiration in the kitchen from my travels between California to Italy. My mission is to tell the tales of artisanal ingredients and authentic dishes from terroir to table through words and imagery. 

In the kitchen and around the table is the best place to connect


The art of combining ingredients that nourish and satisfy and best of all can be shared with others


A perfect pairing always enhances a dish


The art of capturing food stories choreographed through movement and music 


Ingredients that reflect the terroir and tradition of a place and the passion of the producer

Authentic Ingredients

My culinary and lifestyle muse


What Inspires Me

“It seems to me that our three basic needs for food and security and love, are so entwined that we cannot think of one without the other.”

M.F.K Fischer

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There is romance and beauty in the everyday. It can be found in the simple joy of human connection found around the table through a good conversation over a shared meal. It’s in the love of homemade food and sharing it with others. Fulfillment can be found in the journey of taste - from source to plate. Our mission is to inspire cooking and conversation with confidence and connection. 

We Believe

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Kelly Leonardini is a filmmaker, photographer, writer and educator, telling stories of quality, seasonal and artisanal ingredients from source to plate. Her mission is to encourage confidence in the kitchen and to bring people together around the table over good conversation.

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