video marketing 

for food & wine brands

• Recipe videos for your website 
• Instagram reels or TikTok
• Pinterest video pins
• YouTube videos


• Product demonstrations
• Marketing campaigns
• Social media or website content
• In-store digital signage 


who you are

video marketing to connect your brand with ideal customers

You can taste the difference - seasonal, artisanal, whole ingredients with a sense of terroir or top performance from culinary products crafted to last generations . 


American made or European imports to the US are our specialty. A sense of place reflected in the craftsmanship or ingredients of a product make it special & unique. 


Culinary traditions are an anchor connecting past and future generations containing the essence of culture & community. 


The best connections happen around the table over good food and conversation. Shared meals are the cornerstone of hospitality. Food is an expression of love. 



return on investment

the value of video

Video content is a key component of brand visibility and a necessary investment. 

• Keep up with the competition: 86% of brands use video as a marketing strategy

• In 2020, 96% of consumers increased online video consumption

brand awareness

Educate customers through video to help them reach a purchasing decision.

94% perceive video to increase product understanding with a 43% decrease in support calls

84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a marketing video 


Cultivate a relationship with ideal customers by providing consistent value through online video. 

87% of brands consider video a positive ROI

78% saw increased revenue as a result of video marketing



video content that connects

Create value and connection by having a consistent social media presence.

social media

Provide interest and diversify message delivery with visuals to reach a broader audience. 

email campaigns 

Increase SEO ranking and drive traffic to your website with video.

website content

Provide educational value and brand awareness with in-store video displays. 

in-store displays


from idea to video

Receive digital video files ready for distribution on your social media channels, website, etc.



Filming and editing of your recipe or product demo  



Video conception and storyboarding that reflect branding and project goals



Together we'll develop project goals that fit into the brand's long-term marketing strategy

needs analysis


Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly!



Please describe your brand, product, and video campaign

let's work togetheR!

Ready to make a Video?

Yes! I love working with brands or bloggers long-term because it gives me a chance to truly get to know your brand and create the best video content to fulfill your mission. If you’d like me to create video content long-term (6 months- year) for your brand or blog, I offer special pricing.

Do you offer long-term partnerships?

The total process from video conception to the delivery of the completed video is determined on a project to project basis. On average, the total turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.  However, it will vary depending on if a product needs to be shipped to me, length of video, and revisions requested. I do offer expedited services if requested. I will give you a more accurate timeframe based on your specific video project after our initial meeting. I choose to only work with a few select clients at a time, so that I can give your project the attention it deserves. 

How long is the turnaround time?

Absolutely! I can help you brainstorm video ideas and offer suggestions based on your marketing goals. I am never short on creative ideas and love doing market research as well. We can even do A/B testing to see which video concept performs best! 

Can you help me come up with a video idea for my brand?

All video services are done entirely virtually! If I am shooting branded video content for your food product or wine, you can send me the featured product by mail. If I am making a recipe video without branded ingredients, I will do all of the necessary grocery shopping for the video (groceries are included in the video production cost). Your final video will be delivered to you via email. 

If you would like me to film on location, I am currently available in the Northern Nevada/California area. 

Do we need to be in the same physical location?

Frequently Asked Questions

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