Thanksgiving In-Store Video Display for Meat Church Brine Kit at Scheels

November 29, 2021

The power of video

Video is a powerful way to show customers a product in action. As a result of a product demonstration, customers can more easily reach a purchasing decision.

Video marketing campaigns are not only limited to social media and the internet, but also by means of in-store video displays (pictured below).

This in-store video display helped sell out Meat Church brine kits before Thanksgiving at the Reno-Sparks Scheels

The campaign

A product demonstration video of the Meat Church Bird Bath Brine and Holy Voodoo Rub forth Thanksgiving turkey on an end cap display at the Reno-Sparks Scheels (a sporting goods & outdoor retailer) and @sparksscheels instagram.


In years past, Scheels sold a brine kit that had the brine and seasonings packaged together for Thanksgiving. This year, the brine kit products were sold separately (Meat Church Bird Bath Brine + Holy Voodoo Rub).

Additionally, the Holy Voodoo Rub is a product carried all year round. It was important to identify this product as an add-on for the Bird Bath Brine to make a tender and flavorful Thanksgiving turkey.


The goal was to provide an educational product demonstration to show how to use the Meat Church Bird Bath Brine and Holy Voodoo Rub together to make a delicious, juicy Thanksgiving turkey.


The Bird Bath Brine sold out completely by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Watch the video that appeared on the in-store end cap video display:

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